The journey begins

We left Perth for Albany on 17/2/14. It was a lovely trip down to Albany meandering down tree or pasture lined roads – more pleasant than driving in the concrete jungle of a metropolis.

We packed up most things the day before departure and managed to get away by 6.30am. Although we did get heavy traffic until we cleared Perth it didn’t make the journey troublesome. We stopped at a park in Williams around 9.30am for our morning coffee, made from a thermos filled the night before.

We stopped again in Mount Barker for a toilet break and some water melon. It’s a wonderful feeling not to be in a rush and knowing we have all the time in the world instead of our usual break neck speeds of travel trying to make the most of short holiday breaks.

Our caravan park at Emu Point is pleasant, and Middleton Beach is as beautiful as we’ve always remembered it. We have our good friends, Wendy and Bruce, staying at a neighbouring caravan park so we are able to have the comfort and company of friends with us to start our journey.

So, our trip has begun. I’ll post some photos shortly, both of this caravan park and of lovely Middleton Beach.

4 thoughts on “The journey begins

  1. Glad the journey went smoothly. Looking forward to seeing a few photos and reading more.

    Haha. Knew you would be up at sparrows fart and wouldn’t wait for peak hour traffic to clear!!


  2. see you cannot break old habbits why do you fill a thermos when with all the time in the world you can pull over and make a fresh brew in the camper.


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