Albany WA

Albany – lovely as always and cooler than Perth as always. We leave tomorrow after about two weeks. From looking at the weather reports often, Albany has been experiencing peak temperatures from around 5 – 10 degrees cooler than Perth each day. As Perth is still having temperatures in the mid to high 30s, it’s been a welcome change.

I’ve only managed one swim, and Paul two. The southern ocean’s a bit too cool for me.

I can’t say our caravan park is worth much comment, nothing wrong with it, but nothing remarkable either. The location though is certainly worthwhile. This caravan park (Emu Point) and Rose Garden caravan park are both located a spit from the ocean at Emu Point, the eastern end of Middleton Beach. At the other end, also a spit from the ocean is Middleton Beach caravan park. The location of all three parks is worthwhile.

Middleton Beach itself overlooks King George Sound, so the view is stunning. The beach is nice and flat with hard packed sand, perfect for walking on, and waves that vary from gently rolling waves to quite strong surf. We’ve done a lot of walking up and down the beach. Flowing into the ocean is the Kalgan River, just a few minutes walk from our caravan park also. So, we’ve had our choice of river banks or beach for walking.

Sunrise over King George Sound, Albany
Sunrise over King George Sound, Albany
Middleton Beach taken from the boardwalk.
Middleton Beach taken from the boardwalk.
The rugged coastline directly beneath the boardwalk.
The rugged coastline directly beneath the boardwalk.

Albany has lots here to occupy any visitor. Although not visited this time as we’ve seen them before, there is the Whale museum, and the natural features of the Gap, The Bridge and the Blow Holes. All worth a look. This visit we made it to the Farmers market on Saturday morning and the Boatshed Market on Sunday morning. The Farmers market is really, really good, but I wouldn’t bother with the Boatshed markets again.

Fabulous fruit and veges to be found at the Farmers market, and unfortunately, the best French bakery – Royale Bakery. Wonderful baguettes, and rye bread, and cinnamon buns, and chocolate croissants….  It was so nice we went into the information bureau to find out where in town they’re located, and made a mid week visit to the shop between Saturday market days. I would certainly recommend a visit to anyone coming down to Albany, but don’t get the Royale Bakery confused with another called, The French Bakehouse. The Royale is on a back street, so you’ll have to seek it out.

Tomorrow we head towards Esperance for a week or so. We haven’t as yet seen Bremer Bay or Hopetoun, so intend to call in to those places. We also intend to re-visit Cape Le Grand National Park. We’ve been there before and had the best of times so we’re going on the promised return visit.

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