Cape Le Grand National Park

Wow! Visited Lucky Bay in Cape Le Grand National Park around 15 years ago. Loved it then, loved it now. We weren’t sure how long we’d stay for, but ended up staying for 7 nights. It’s a lovely, lovely spot. Lots of red dust, so our caravan has now well and truly been christened.

I’m sure I could go around the world and back and wouldn’t find a better walking beach than Lucky Bay. With it’s firm, white, squeaky sand, it’s rolling waves, and a rocky geographic background features it’s just about perfect. Add to that, most often we had the beach almost to ourselves once we left the immediate vicinity of the camp ground and you have reason to believe you’ve stumbled across paradise.

The camp ground is a lot busier than it was 15 years ago. Now most days by 9.30am it’s full to capacity and people are getting turned back to Esperance. On the day we got there, we arrived around 8.30am and took the last site available. Despite being full to capacity almost every day, the 3 woman’s toilets and 2 solar showers coped well. I had a hot shower every day, and never had to wait long for one to become vacant, and I never had to wait for a toilet. So, the facilities, whilst not plentiful, are certainly adequate. Also there’s a campers kitchen, with solar heated hot water and plenty of spring water available. So, although the facilities are basic they’re better than a lot of camp grounds have, and are enough to make a long stay possible.

Fifteen years ago we were impressed by how tame the kangaroos were, and I’m pleased to say they’re still just as friendly. One day we had a mother and her Joey took up residence on our ground sheet for around 5 hours. However, when we brought lunch out and didn’t share it with them they left and didn’t return for the duration of our stay. Perhaps some other camper was more obliging.

Paul fished off the rocks with just a lure the day before we left and came back with 11 herring. So, we had a free lunch that day. It was a fabulous stay, and we’ll certainly go back again one day I hope.

Lucky Bay Beach - paradise
Lucky Bay Beach – paradise

View from annex - what a window!
View from annex – what a window!
Kangaroo on the beach
Kangaroo on the beach
Huge boulders balancing on each other - awesome
Huge boulders balancing on each other – awesome