Old Friends

We’ve just spent a delightful three days enjoying a visit from two of our Perth friends, Di and Bob. We’ve been friends with Di and Bob for more years than I can count, so when I say ‘old friends’, I’m referring to the length of time we’ve been friends rather than their (or our) ages. We’re not quite ‘old’ in years yet, getting close for sure, but still not quite there – and I’m sure Di and Bob will give anyone a swift clip around the ears who says otherwise.

We’ve had a wonderful time, eating too much, drinking too much, laughing a lot, and having a good old catch up. We all had a go at fishing the first night. Not a lot happening, although between us we managed four little herring which provided a little pre-barbecue taste. Di was the fisher person of the hour, catching two of the herring, plus an undersized flounder that went back to live another day.

The day after they arrived, Di and I headed out to a high tea at The Deck. The Deck is a restaurant, bar and function centre built overlooking the canals in the suburb of Geographe, (at the Eastern end of Busselton). The high tea was a little different to any i’ve been to before. The food was served buffet style rather than on tiered plates sitting on individual tables. I’m not much of a fan of buffets, so had I known in advance I may have opted out. However, the other difference was that this high tea had surprise entertainment. Two of Perth’s Drag Queens put on a bit of a show.

Check out Katya's amazing blue eyes.
Check out Katya’s amazing blue eyes.

So, had I opted out, I wouldn’t  have had the chance to meet, and chat with these charming two ladies – stage names, Scarlett and Katya. I can’t remember Scarlett’s stage sir name, but Katya’s is a wonderful play on words, Kokov. You have to say that fast, Katya Kokov. I think Katya was a little tentative about telling us her full stage name, but when we roared with laughter, I think she relaxed a little, and spent a considerable amount of time chatting with us. As always, I tend to be forthright with questions, so I hope I didn’t overstep any mark and offend. The main question I should have asked, and didn’t, is how on earth can they dance around so energetically, getting hot and sweaty, yet their make-up stays perfectly in place. I only have to get slightly warm to have any make-up I’m wearing looking absolutely awful.

Apparently, they do shows at a couple of the Gay Nightclubs in Perth, where I’m sure the speaker and sound systems do a lot more justice to their act than our little venue did. They were mesmerising to watch, as is the case with most Drag Queen acts I’m sure, not that I’ve seen that many to judge. They performed a few song and dance routines, miming in what looked like perfect time to the recorded songs. Under stage lights, in a darkened night venue with powerful speakers surrounding them and belting out the music, I’m sure, that although the acts would still be clearly mimed, it would have had a better blend of artist to music. Never-the-less we did enjoy their little numbers, and even more, enjoyed chatting with them. They are both beautiful and charming young ladies in their stage personas, and I’m sure are equally as lovely and charming young men when not performing.

Whilst we were enjoying our high tea, Bob and Paul had some quality male bonding time on the Par 3 golf course, followed by a cycle up to our little local for a refreshing drink or two.

Yesterday, their last day here, we went to Aravina Winery for lunch. We had almost finished our meals when the approach of three helicopters, although destroying the peaceful ambience, added a certain amount of intrigue and excitement for all the diners, including ourselves. We had thought perhaps our homeward bound transport had arrived – but alas it was only some of Perth’s socialites arriving down from Perth for a birthday celebratory lunch. How the other half lives eh!! But no complaints from me on that score. We may not be wealthy enough to have helicopters as our means of transport, but we still have the good taste, and the funds to appreciate at least one of the finer things in life that they enjoy – a very enjoyable lunch at Aravina.

Thought our ride may have arrived....
Thought our ride may have arrived….

Di and Bob left this morning. I hope they enjoyed our company as much as we enjoyed theirs. It was a lovely few days.  Two of our other friends, Robyn and Keith arrive in Busselton tomorrow. Although Robyn and Keith aren’t staying with us, I’m sure we’ll be catching up several times whilst they’re camping near by. February is shaping up to be a busy month and a month where we’re going to be enjoying the company of both newly found friends, and old friends. What a pleasure

4 thoughts on “Old Friends

  1. Sounds like a wonderful time was had by all….retirement life is the ‘lotto life’ for now but I hope when the time comes I can get so much pleasure out of mine!


  2. We had the best time, thank you Chris & Paul, hosts extraordinaire! Look forward to seeing you both again very soon xo


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