Mr Tilly’s had a hair cut

Oh dearie me! We decided it was time to get Tilly a proper hair-cut instead of the home done, here and there snip . Sure, I’ve been preventing him from getting matted, but there’s no doubt he wouldn’t have been winning any doggie beauty competitions.

My usual little scallywag

He’s a lot cleaner and tidier looking for sure, and has been shaved really close in the appropriate areas for better hygiene (bottom and inside of ears). The hair has been trimmed well between his toes, and his nails have been clipped.

Who’s this little boy

The verdict – He doesn’t look like the ragamuffin, scallywag Rastas I’m used to, and I think I like the old look better. It’s nice to see his eyes, but there was something endearing about seeing him peeping out from behind his mop top fringe. However there’s no doubt there were definitely areas in his grooming that needed improvement,  plus the cost at $120 is more than we want to be spending on an almost monthly basis too.

Me thinks, it’s time to purchase some clippers and get serious about home grooming. I’ll be aiming for a look somewhere between his usual scallywag look and this prim and proper, perfectly coffered dog that looks like he belongs to someone else.

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