Castle Rock/Castle Bay

Not to be confused with Castle Rock in the Porongurups, there’s also a Castle Rock just north of Dunsborough in the Meelup Regional Park.

Castle Rock framing the bay to the East

With it’s turquoise waters, white sand and several picnic tables and barbecues overlooking the beach, it makes an ideal place to enjoy a bite of lunch.

A lovely spot to sit and eat lunch
The locals stopped by for a chat and to see if we had anything on offer for them

There’s walk tracks near by, including a short 1.2 km track that will take you to one of the most popular beaches in the South West, Meelup Beach. With plenty of photo opportunities on offer as you walk it could take you a while.

An inviting track leading towards Meelup Beach
An interesting rock along the path

If you’re feeling particularly energetic and agile, I believe you can also climb Castle Rock, although I’ve never attempted it myself. One day I might give it a go, I’m sure the views from the top would be amazing.

If the weather’s warm the bay provides a lovely spot for a swim and a cool off, and I’m certain there’d be lots to see if you fancied a bit of snorkelling too. There’s plenty here to keep you occupied for a few hours, so a place worthy of putting on your list should you be visiting the South West of WA. I’m lucky enough to live near by, so this place is somewhere that even the locals like me take the opportunity to visit several times a season.  What a pleasure!

10 thoughts on “Castle Rock/Castle Bay

    1. Yes, we did the Castle Rock walk in the Poronguups. It was many years ago now, and was challenging in parts. I remember a couple of youths (around 16) assisting to get me over one particularly difficult rock – it was embarrassing but extremely funny. I’m sure they’ve probably related the story with great humour many times since. We did Bluff Knoll at the same time. That was more strenuous and longer, but not as difficult as I remember it.

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    1. There’s so many gorgeous spots, not only in this area, but the whole world over. I need three lifetimes at least….that’s the beauty of blogs though, I get to visit many of the spots vicariously that I otherwise wouldn’t have a chance to see.

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