Dog friendly – Whimwood Winery

For our final full day in Nannup we decided to pay Whimwood Winery a visit. Located in the Blackwood Valley on the Balingup/Nannup Road, we just had time to get there for our booked time of 11.45am after having been to the Four Aces. It’s an early time for lunch, but it was the only time slot available.

The cellar door and casual restaurant is only open on week-ends, and some public holidays. Bookings are advisable. They advertise that dogs are welcome, so we expected the usual outdoor table. What a pleasant surprise to arrive and be shown to our table on the outside edge of the inside eating area. Comfortable chairs casually spaced around a coffee table overlooking the beautiful Blackwood Valley. We were encouraged to let Mr Tilly off his lead, ’so as he could enjoy himself as well’. Now that really is a welcome for a family pet. He was not only allowed, but encouraged to accompany us to the cellar tasting room, and to roam around the area unrestrained.

The owner’s dog playing ball with one of the children

First in the tastings was their signature wine, an easy to drink Chardonnay. Now I’m not usually a Chardonnay fan, but this was very smooth and palatable. It’s easy to understand how it won awards for them. Next, their Rose’, again very smooth with no acidic bite. My favourite Rose’ is one from the Flame Tree winery close to home, but I think this one was equally as good. Just to make sure, we bought a few bottles and will do a brown paper bag test with bottles of both a Flametree, and a Whimwood rose’ and a couple of friends who are also fans of the Flame Tree rose’. It’ll be interesting to see if the wines are as similar as thought, or if our friends will give one an extra star. A couple of other wines followed, but we had already decided which wine would accompany our tasting platter for lunch.

We had been told this place does a fabulous shared tasting platter. The casualness of shared food is always our ‘go to’ choice from a menu, and in this case, the reason we chose Whimwood for lunch on the final day of this caravan trip. The platter didn’t disappoint – cold meats, three cheeses, olives, pickles, dried fruits, fresh fruit, caramelised walnuts, and a basket of delicious, warm, crusty bread. It was perfect!

The shared tasting platter had all the elements necessary of a ploughman’s lunch. Heaven on a plate!

Attitudes are finally changing in Australia towards dogs. Ten years ago there were few caravan parks where dogs were accepted. Those that did accept dogs were usually either run down, or out the back of beyond. Now we have a choice of lovely caravan parks that allow dogs wherever we go. The same goes for eateries, not so long ago if your furry friend was allowed at all, you would have been allocated a rickety old garden chair at an equally rickety table tucked away in a corner out of sight of any other patrons. Recently I was pleasantly surprised at how welcome Mr Tilly was at Rustico on Hayshed Hill and now another equally as welcoming place for furry companions. Finally dogs are being recognised as part of the family.

Thank you Whimwood for the lovely food and wine, and the comfortable seating overlooking the stunning Blackwood Valley. Above all though, thank you for welcoming our Mr Tilly so warmly. What a pleasure it is to be able to be able to bring him along with us when we dine out on our travels. We will definitely be back.

5 thoughts on “Dog friendly – Whimwood Winery

  1. How wonderful that these establishments welcome dogs. I have added these two listing to my Dog friendly Cafes and Accommodation Facebook group.
    I also like the idea of a brown paper bag test. What a fun idea.


    1. What a great idea – keeping a list of dog friendly places. Thank you for adding these two, they go over and above in welcoming dogs. I’ll let you know how the brown paper bag test goes.


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