Picnic at Shelly Cove

Shelly Cove, north of Dunsborough at the end of Bunker Bay Road, and a visit to Simmo’s Ice Creamery on the way home.

Perth and the south west of WA has had what seems like a never ending winter. Finally, a nice week-end so time to get out into the great outdoors. What better way to do that than in the company of good friends, sharing deliciously fresh, tasty, but simple food at a picnic table overlooking a million dollar view.

As a child we never ate out in restaurants, and I mean never! Take away fish and chips was the only food we ever ate that mum hadn’t cooked. Once a year we would go on a big picnic with the Heritage organisation (NZs equivalent of Legacy). Mum would bake for days, bacon and egg pie and other savouries, cakes, biscuits and slices. We’d pack a blanket to sit on, and bags with tins holding all the baked goodies, and we’d head off to catch the local bus into Christchurch city where a big chartered bus would be waiting for all the Heritage families. It was a big day, one of the biggest of the year for our family. I don’t remember any other regular outings at all when I was a nipper, the annual picnic was it. I have fond memories of those picnics, so perhaps that’s why I love picnics so much now.

I don’t do picnic blankets these days – sitting on the ground doesn’t do it for me, but with all the picnic tables dotted around these days who needs picnic blankets. Nor do I bake for days like mum used to do, but I still take my picnics seriously, and put enough thought into them to make them an occasion. I rarely use a tablecloth at home, but consider one a must at a picnic table. Crystal glasses carefully wrapped in tea towels to prevent them breaking, silver cutlery, and stoneware plates and bowls set the scene. My friends laughed when I placed an earthenware vase on the table with fresh flowers. Nature even provided what looked to me like a candelabra.

A platter of cheese and cold meats, a greek salad, crusty bread, and a bottle of chilled Whimwood Rose and we dined liked royalty. Rhubarb cake with cream, and fresh fruits and grapes to follow – what more could one want. And you know what, it didn’t cost an arm and a leg!

And just check out this vista…..

Lunch finished we headed off up the walk track in search of a seal colony that’s reported to be nearby. The track was rugged and rocky so we didn’t go far, and we didn’t find any seals. Never mind, it was fun looking. An ice-cream on the way home at the iconic south west’s Simmo’s Ice Creamery was the perfect ending to a lovely day. Yum!

Good company, tasty fresh food in the great outdoors, and a walk in nature – life’s simple little pleasures! It doesn’t get much better than that.

11 thoughts on “Picnic at Shelly Cove

  1. Wow what a beautiful place to picnic. Eating outside with friends in a lovely location is just the best thing isn’t it? Lovely. Our weather isn’t quite right for picnics now, need to wait a few months.

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    1. We’re having a very cold start to the warmer season. With winter really hanging around, any warm days need to be honoured, and you’re right – with friends, and in the open air is definitely the way to do it.


    1. I figure a bit of extra effort makes the Occassion feel special. Sometimes I’ll just pick a branch of something pretty to put on the table, but I’ll usually put something on the table, even if it’s just for the two of us.

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  2. What a darling you are to go to the effort of packing crystal glasses and a vase of flowers. You sound almost Danish! Lol. When you mentioned restaurants as a child, I realised that my brother and I were always left in the company of my Grandmother when my parents went to a restaurant! Instead of fish n chips, we had Chinese takeaway once a week if we were very lucky.
    Your spot on the coast looks delightful and the seed heads on the Grass tree are definitely a natural candelabra.

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    1. Often when we go to a restaurant or cafe we’re disappointed, and then I feel ripped off, especially if we’ve paid a fortune for the meal. A little bit of scene setting, and simple, fail proof, fresh food, with a million dollar view and it never fails to please. My grandson laughed at me when he was taking his girlfriend out for a picnic and I made him take crystal glasses and a table cloth. He thanked me when he came home and said he now understands why the extra trouble is worth it. He’s converted.

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