Okiwi Bay

Okiwi Bay is located in the Rai Valley on the northern coast of the south Island approximately half way between Nelson and Havelock. The locals describe it as, ‘a quaint little drinking village with a bit of a fishing problem’.

My brother picked this for our final stay before returning to Christchurch. We arrived around lunch time and sorted out our cabin. Then off to explore this gorgeous little village. The only retail therapy in town is at the caravan park, which has as a tiny general store with a few basic supplies. Don’t expect to get your weeks shopping there though. I think they sell a few chocolate bars, ice creams, milk, and possibly they may sell some bait too. Being a village with a bit of a fishing problem, i guess that’d take care of the important stuff for the regular holiday makers.

After almost two weeks of clear blue skies, and hot summer’s days, the weather while in Okiwi Bay was overcast with low cloud. Clearly, swimming was out of the question.

cloud hovered low over the hills
A pretty little bay
It would have been a lovely day for boat fishing
Now I know what to do when my agapanthus drop their flowers


The bay on one side of us, and this little water way on the other
And a bridge leading you to a walk track

Its a shame we only had one night here. Definitely the prettiest place on our trip, I would have liked a few days to wind down and relax. I’m sure Paul would have appreciated tossing a line in the water too. Perhaps next time…..


8 thoughts on “Okiwi Bay

    1. I have a blue plumbago surrounded by blue aggies. When they’re all flowering together it looks really pretty. I’m thinking if I get a spray can of blue I could extend the blue after the flowers drop.

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    1. Once the seed pods had dropped the owners spray painted the remaining heads. Lol! I have them surrounding a blue plumbago (my blue garden), and am thinking I may get some blue spray paint for mine to keep the blue going for longer……

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