Friendly Friday: Twins

This weeks photo challenge from Snow at,

 is Twins. As advised by Snow we are free to interpret the challenge creatively with an interpretation on twins meaning, simply a pair, or two of a kind.

I’ll take Snow’s word for it that twins, although sometimes looking completely different from each other, usually manage to share a connection.

Partners in crime

Below are a couple of photos of my Paul, and his good friend, Bob. They’re not related, they look nothing like each other, but they definitely share a connection. They’re like peas in pod, and one look at their faces in both photos tells me they’re up to some sort of mischief!

Hatching up a plot no doubt – and every plot usually starts with the same statement…..
“When you think about it!”

Sister rigs

Our previous rig was one of the Australian built Travel Homes. Manufactured in Newcastle, NSW, there aren’t a great many of these around, and everyone is numbered. We had number 100, which was the 100th one built.

We were camped in Katherine in 2016 and there was one right next door to us. It was a much later model, built six years after ours, and I think it was around number 350. That gives you an idea how many there had been built at the time, so finding two side by side somewhere in this big county of ours is slim. However, on this occasion, it wasn’t just a chance meeting of the two Travel Homes as one of them belonged to a friend of ours.

What was surprising at the time was that another couple also arrived into the caravan park in a Travel Home. They took photos of our rigs, and advised they have a collection of photos of what they refer to as, ‘sister Travel Homes’. As ours were side by side they referred to them at the time as, ‘twins’.


So that’s my contribution for this week. I suppose I could always try to photograph something new for the challenges, but then I’d miss out on the excuse to peruse old photos and re-live old memories. Looking through photos of these two partners in crime gave both Paul and I a chuckle. We couldn’t see a photo of Bob without hearing those words, “when you think about it…..”, and what usually follows is some plot that will involve the two men mis-behaving in a very ungentlemanly like manner towards their wives – all in good fun of course.

11 thoughts on “Friendly Friday: Twins

    1. They are incorrigible when they get together. He will be down here staying with us along with his wife and another couple this week-end. Time to shake the cobwebs out of my hair and get my skates on.

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