Friendly Friday – Ebb and Flow

This week’s photo challenge from Amanda at, Something to Ponder About, is Ebb and Flow. See Amanda’s post here, and hopefully you’ll be inspired to add some of your own images to join in with the challenge:

Immediately upon reading this week’s theme the ebb and flow of the huge tides in the Kimberley’s came to mind.

Walking on the firm sands of Cable Beach at low tide. Note the puddles still evident from high tide.

Hundreds of visitor drive along the firm sands of Cable Beach daily during the dry season to find a place to park close to the water. As the tides can be higher than nine metres it’s vital to be aware of both the height, and the time of each days high tide. If you don’t time your exit from the beach to coincide with a suitable tide line you could end up with your car stuck on the beach until the tide recedes below the safe exit through the rocks.

It’s vital to know the ebb and flow of the tides for entering and exiting through the rocks to get onto Cable Beach in your car.

Beach umbrellas and chairs are available for rent daily, or you can bring your own. We usually have our own with us, and if we’re not driving along the beach, we’ll set up near the flags on Cable Beach. The hire umbrellas are set up in line with what will be the high tide for the day, sometimes seemingly miles from the water. They always get it almost exactly right as to how far the water will roll in though, so we happily use their knowledge as our guide.

Umbrellas for hire – all set up in line with what will be the high tide line for the day

It’s fun to watch those not familiar with the tides set up close to the water line on a rising tide. Within minutes they’re moving everything back a few metres. A few minutes more and they’re moving back further, and so their day goes on. The huge tides can’t be comprehended by those unfamiliar with them, and we’ve seen many new visitors who only take notice when their beach towels starts swirling at their feet in the flow of the incoming tide.

If you get your placement just right, the incoming waves at high tide can safely lap at your toes without any danger of you getting swamped.

I don’t think we’re heading up to Broome this year, but what a pleasure it’s been to re-visit Cable Beach again through Amanda’s prompt, if only through perusing our photo library. A great prompt for us this week Amanda – thank you.

14 thoughts on “Friendly Friday – Ebb and Flow

  1. What a lovely post in response to the prompt Chris. Cable Beach is a place I’ve yet to visit but that I’ve heard is beautiful. Gorgeous pics!


    1. Some people love it, and some people hate it. It’s quite touristy, but you only get that if a place is nice enough to attract the hoards in the first place. We avoid most of the touristy things and just enjoy the beach, and of course the perfect winter weather.

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  2. So glad you liked the prompt, Chris. I remember those tides in Port Hedland. Cable is a beautiful beach without the pounding of the dumping waves that wer have on the East coast.
    I had not heard of the umbrella hire on Aussie beaches before. Fun idea. Thanks for joining in on Friendly Friday Photo Challenge.

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