Are we in the eye of the storm

I can’t help thinking the majority of Australians seem to be thinking we’re over this Covid thing, that our government managed to contain it, and that life can get back to normal. Despite the fact that experts are telling us the virus will be part of our lives for a long time yet to come, there’s almost a feeling here in Australia of jubilation and celebration as if the war on this pandemic is over and we, in Australia have emerged victorious.

Personally I think we’re only in the eye of the storm, a storm that’s gathering momentum. We battened down the hatches as the first phase of the storm hit, and here in Australia we did it well. We locked down early enough which prevented our hospitals from becoming over-run. Our health system used that time to re-group, and the amount of ICU beds and ventilators has been increased. We’ve weathered it well to date. But as we’re all well aware there’s a balancing act going on, a balancing act between the economic health of a country, and the physical health of its people. I think this calm sense of security we’re all feeling is because we’re in the eye of the storm and I think more is coming.

Our restrictions are slowly lifting and people are returning to work. Our new cases of Covid are hovering at or below what is considered to be a manageable amount. Here in WA we currently only have three active cases, none of which require hospitalisation. NSW and Victoria aren’t doing quite as well, but compared to much of the world they’re still doing brilliantly. With the restrictions now being lifted I can’t help feeling it’s only a matter of time until we will again be hit with the full fury of this pandemic. All we can do is watch, and wait, and wash our hands, and stick to social distancing. Let’s not get complacent. It’s not over yet, in fact it may have barely yet begun!

11 thoughts on “Are we in the eye of the storm

  1. No one I know feels like Australia is free of Covid and we can get back to normal. Everyone feels very wary and content to continue staying home as much as possible. We’re all very grateful for the interventions and solutions imposed by our governments and realise that while it hasn’t been easy it was necessary. Here in Queensland our numbers are looking excellent too but we all know that could change if people are silly. Stay safe everyone!


    1. Funny thing is most people I know are being careful to. It’s at the shops particularly that I’m noticing a good few people have returned to their Argie Bargie ways. Perhaps they’ll all pull back again if we start to get clusters.


  2. It’s exactly the same in the UK, restrictions are being gently eased but a lot of people seem to think this means it’s all over and that we are through it. Crowds at the beaches and in the parks and social distancing not being obeyed so strictly. If we aren’t careful there will definitely be a second wave that could potentially be worse than the first one. We’re going to try and lay low for as long as we can.


    1. I think laying low is definitely best. We’ve had relatively few cases here so if and when a second wave hits I think it’s going to hit hard and fast. I think I’ll even be avoiding the supermarket at that time. How long are your digs available to you? Keep safe.

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      1. Well we’ve been told that we can stay as long as we like so hopefully that means at least a couple more months. I’d hope to be leaving late July or early August but it all depends on the national situation of course.


  3. So true, Chris. The eye of the storm. We are merely in a short reprieve. If I’m wrong I would be so happy about that. But somehow I think I’m right and you’re right too – there’s another wave coming they sweep is of our feet. The Spanish flu’s second wave was much worse than the first.


    1. It’s a real worry how confidently people are moving around now.People were great in the supermarkets to start with but as soon as the imposed restrictions started to lift people seemed to go back to their old habits. At least that’s the way it is over here, is it the same over there Amanda? So far Australia has done really well, but I think that’s only going to mean that when the second wave hits it’s likely to wreck real havoc. I feel like a profit of doom and gloom! But I’m only agreeing with the experts.Im not sure who the average Joe Bloggs is listening to, or perhaps they’ve given up listening to anyone. All each of us can can do is look out for me and mine.


      1. It is the same over here, with a few exceptions. People do stand on the stars marked out. But in supermarkets are too focused on the foods to social distance.
        We can only do what we can to keep ourselves safe. I think the smaller towns and cities are in a better position. I dread my daughter catching public transport again.


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