The building site

Work on the new bedroom and en-suite is well underway. The en-suite is taking shape with the shower walls up, some of the bathroom wall panelling fitted, and the pre-plumbing fit out completed. Paul spent much of today applying the green water proof coating to the shower walls and floor. The floor tiles will be laid tomorrow, and the shower wall tiles the following day. The vanity cabinet has been ordered with delivery expected next week.

All waterproofed and ready for the tiles
The pre- plumbing fit out is complete, and the kick boards of the double vanity is in place

The wardrobe framework is up. Unfortunately we couldn’t fit in a good sized walk in robe, so have opted instead for two floor to ceiling fitted robes. Each robe is bigger than the one we have in our current bedroom. We’re waiting for the hardware for the sliding doors, and for the panelling to make the doors. Paul undercoated the rear of the wardrobes on the week-end.

The wall panelling comes in various sizes up to 4.5 metres in length, only the 4.5 metres sheets weren’t readily available in WA. They‘ve been ordered from the Eastern states, and are due to arrive on Monday of next week. The guys have gone ahead with the shorter walls using the lengths of the panelling that were available locally. The plan is to have an eclectic/coastal themed room with horizontal panelling on the walls to both bedroom and bathroom. The wardrobe doors, and the ranch style, sliding door to the bathroom will be made with the same panelling, only it’ll be vertical.

Some of the acoustic insulation is in the longer wall awaiting the arrival of the bigger panelling.

As the wall hasn’t as yet been built where the roller door was removed from, the work site is out of bounds to a Mr Tilly during the working hours. It’s all open to the street, and he’s still to impulsive to be allowed near roads. At the end of the day Paul puts a make shift, hard cardboard wall up to secure the room from passers by, and it’s then that Mr Tilly gets to take a look. He inspects the room, seemingly aware of what has been achieved that day. He goes into the bathroom first, then into the bedroom carefully perusing every inch of the room.
Mr Tilly doing his daily check on the days work

It won’t be long now. The flooring and the curtains have been ordered, and we’re hoping the flooring will be going down during the second or third week in November, with the curtains a few days later. We’ll be wanting to get all the painting done prior to the flooring of course, so there’s still a lot to do. When it’s all finished I’m sure Paul is going to be looking forward to a good rest. Perhaps I’ll let him have a nice sleep in, in the new bedroom.

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