Officially becoming, ‘old codgers’

It’s official. Paul and I will reach official retirement age this month. I think that means we’re becoming, ‘old codgers’, or as my late father-in-law would have said, we’re now part of the ‘pink and crinkly’ set.

To celebrate this milestone birthday we’ve engaged our house sitter to mind Tills and our home, and are heading for the Cape Range National park. Our planned trip firstly involved three days in Perth. We were about an hour away from our accommodation when our Premier announced some community Covid transmission. Lockdown for the Perth/peel region was a possibility, masks a definite. So we by-passed Perth and headed for a roadside camp on the other side of the city. We can now stay mask free.

Then two nights at beautiful Coronation Beach just north of Geraldton. A windsurfing Mecca, and seemingly on the world map for this purpose. It’s a beautiful piece of coastline with the best nature can provide for those keen to practice their kite or wind surfing skills. This of course means lots of wind, so our awning didn’t go out. A look out above the campground provided the best vantage point for capturing some glorious sunset shots prior to some incoming inclement weather.

It bucketed down the next day, which wasn’t a problem for us as we used it as a travel day to head for Carnarvon. Upon arrival the caravan park roadways were pretty much running like rivers, and the rain was torrential. Paul doned his rain coat and braved the elements to get us unhitched, the power on, and the drain out. Then we hunkered down inside the van and hoped we didn’t start floating away sometime during the night.

The roadway in the caravan park (no we’re not camped on a river)

I mentioned to a friend that it was just as well we’d brought our kayaks. She promptly sent me this little gem in response.

I’m pleased to say the rain has now stopped, the sun’s shining, and there’s a lovely soft breeze blowing. The roads north of Carnarvon are currently closed, but as we won’t be heading around to the National Park until early next week, there’s plenty of time for the flood waters to recede.

We’ve checked out some local fishing spots, and will try our luck tomorrow. In the meantime thought I’d leave you with this cute little photo a young child making the most of the sunshine on the flooded caravan roadway.

11 thoughts on “Officially becoming, ‘old codgers’

  1. I am sticking firmly with the Classic Editor. Amanda is moving with the times and has the whole Gutenberg thing under her belt as of the moment they hit us with it. She is a horrible woman (eh, Amanda ?). [grin]

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    1. It never rains but pours. I have glitches with saved drafts here and there. The recovery function doesn’t work so I either start over or go yo revisions and open an earlier version.
      Still prefer blocks over the old editor.

      @M-R: love you too!😛

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  2. If anyone’s reading this, the reason there’s no content is because frikken WordPress is up to its old tricks. A saved draft only reappears as ‘attempt post recovery’. No recovery is ever possible. I just wish WordPress would leave its bloody site alone. I go months without inspiration, then I decide to try again, only to be thwarted by difficulties with WordPress. I’m close (again) to telling them to jam their frikken site where the sun don’t shine.

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    1. Aww Chris, I’m so sorry. WP leaves a lot to be desired these days. I hope my saved draft is still there after reading that yours disappeared. Anyway, I’m glad to hear that you’re inspired. If you’re an old codger I’m probably not too far behind! Hope life’s treating you well and sending warm wishes your way.

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