Breaking the rules….

Not Covid rules, we know any Covid rules are in our best interests, so we stick to those like glue. Not that there are any Covid restrictions in WA at the moment.

No, the rules we’re breaking are the moving in rules to our new house. We’ve been given the key to the garage and are allowed to move things in there prior to settlement. We’re not supposed to move anything into the house until after settlement though, which is due to take place on Monday morning at 9am. However, the the empty house is open to the garage, and temptation got the better of us.

We’ve hired a truck with a hydrolic lift. and we’re doing the move ourselves. Paul has various, really good trolleys which help with the heavy and bulky items, and he’s really clever at working how to manoeuvre things around so as heavy lifting is minimal.

We had intended to to just fill up the garage, and wait until Monday to move it into the house. But our new Sleeping Duck mattress and base arrived earlier than expected. The base comes boxed and needs to be assembled, and the heavy mattress comes compressed, wrapped and boxed too. The mattress needed to be carefully unwrapped, and would need a day or two to be usable. It was going to be difficult to put the base together in the confines of the garage, and the mattress, at nearly 60kg, once de-compressed, was going to be heavy to move from the garage into our bedroom. All the staff from the lifestyle village had finished for the week-end, and wouldn’t be returning until after settlement on Monday. Sooooo, our bed and mattress is now in its rightful place. It took over an hour to put together, so really good to have that job out of the way.

And once we’d taken that first step, well, as my mum would have said – ‘May as well get hung for a sheep as a lamb’. It’s now Saturday night, and we’ve broken the back of the move. The heavy dining table is in its place, one of the spare beds is in its new room and we’ll get that put together and will make it up tomorrow. Our outdoor setting is in place, as are all of the pot plants. Tomorrow we’ll get most of the clothes hung in the wardrobe, the washing machine and fridge in place and the plumbing connected to both, and we should get lots of boxes unpacked. Monday – moving day, is going to be a breeze! Moving is so easy when you can take your time over several days.

9 thoughts on “Breaking the rules….

  1. I’m with you, Chris ! – it was plain common sense ! Am wondering upon what shoddy piece of bedroom furniture you two have been composng yourselves to sleep prior to that new monster .. [grin]


    1. We currently have a firm latex mattress – to firm. We’ve had a Tempur memory foam – to difficult to move, we’ve had a soft latex – to soft, we’ve had a hip and back bed, ok for a while….. The sleeping duck seems to get good reviews so we decided to give it a go. Without the great reviews it gets we wouldn’t have considered a sprung, pillow top mattress that comes compressed in a box. Will let you know if we’re happy with it.

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