Chasing sun and wildflowers – day 2

6 August

We could hear the big trucks from our camp spot yesterday, but fortunately they seem to get off the road early, and didn’t become active again until around 6am. A couple of mulled wines by the fire last night had us up until well after 7pm…. Lol. We struggle to stay out of bed until 7pm when on a big road trip. Darkness comes, we watch the stars come out, and then nature seems to say to us, “it’s dark, time for you to sleep”. The fire kept us up for at least a half hour longer than on previous trips, and with no visible moon, the stars were wondrous. I’m pleased we took some good burning wood with us in this time.

We read a page or two before lights out, and I don’t remember anything else until 5am this morning. We awoke to really cold morning, one where you just want to stay under the covers a bit longer. So we did.

Ah, dad, you promised we were going somewhere warmer.

We had our cuppa in bed, then dragged ourselves out of bed, and by 8.15am, we were on our way again.

We seemed to have left the worst of the winter behind. The skies are blue, pasture land has given way to desolate scenery.

Friends, on their return trip from Broome, met us in Meekatharra for a coffee at the coffee van. Jill and John were to fly up to Broome four weeks ago. However a snap lock down prevented them from flying out of Perth airport. So, on the spur of the moment they got in their car and drove instead. Now that’s gutsie….. They didn’t know if they’d find accommodation on route, so they bundled a couple of pillows and blankets into their car, and were prepared to sleep in their little hatchback if necessary. Gotta admire their sense of adventure. I’m pleased to say they did manage to find a bed at every stop on the way.

A great little catch up and were on our way again, arriving at Gascoyne river south at 2.15pm. Mr Tilly still had his winter coat, so with a few hours of light to spare it was time for that to go.

Gascoyne River South Branch is one of our favourite roadside camps. The camp area is spacious, and we usually find a bit of water in the river. The river gums are an artists dream I’m sure. There’s usually a few cows around, so it’s always a pleasure to hear them during the night.

And now the night air is drawing in. Paul has set the fire, time to get it lit I think. There’s a mulled wine nearby with my name on it……

7 thoughts on “Chasing sun and wildflowers – day 2

  1. Some of the outback is stunning. I know it’s not like the gorgeous mossy greens you love so much, but in it’s own right it has its beauty. I love it. It’s a rugged kind of beauty. I do love mossy green too though.


  2. That first shot by the river is so picturesque. You are right about the artists dream. I never liked the Aussie outback scene but the light in those trees in amazing! Enjoy the mulled wine.


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