Chasing sun and wildflowers -day 5

9 August

A short days driving for our final day of the trip up to Broome, and thank goodness for that. Paul is looking weary, and Mr Tilly has us wondering if we’re not guilty of cruelty to animals. We appease our guilty conscience by knowing that if he understood that if it was a choice between long travel days with us, or staying at home with someone other than us, we know without a doubt which he’d choose. As far as he is concerned, the pack must always stay together!

There was no point in leaving early as book in time is usually around mid day, so we had a leisurely start to the day. I even gave the van a bit of a clean.

A few ant hills appear to break the otherwise monotony of the flat scenery.

Other than that, I’d like to say it was uneventful trip, and as far as the trip was, that much is true. However a phone call from a very dear friend as we neared Broome provided us with his medical update – bad news. It seems his lung cancer has spread, and a mass has been found in his brain. He and his wife are both in good spirits and hoping for the best. Tests won’t be completed for a few days yet, so more will be known later in the week. It sounds like the only good news we can hope to hear though is a prognosis that gives more than a few months. Very upsetting news!

We arrived before our site was ready. Our good friends Brian and Kaye, already up here came to the rescue with ham sandwiches and cup of tea. Mr Tilly was thrilled. He loves Brian and Kaye. Their caravan (new to them) has a door that separates into two, apparently called a doggie door. You can see why. It looks like he’s ready to take our lunch order.

Once set up, we did most of the washing from the trip, then had a refreshing dip in the pool. Afternoon coffee with friends, and it was time to take Tills to the beach for his much promised walk. This time we drove up to Gantheume Point. Broome is currently heaving with people, so there were literally hundreds of cars park on the sand. We parked up, and walked for half an hour up the beach again, then back again, wondering all the time if we’d manage to find our car when we returned.

We had only gone to there to give Tills a decent run. Most people were there with beach chairs, drinks a nibbles – cause that’s what ya do in Broome! That’s what Broome’s all about, driving up the beach to swim, or fish, or walk, or sit and read a book, but mostly driving onto the beach to see the sun sink over the horizon at the days end.

Any beach is Mr Tilly’s happy place. He’s talking to us again. And so ends our first day in Broome for 2021, as always it’s a pleasure to be here.

14 thoughts on “Chasing sun and wildflowers -day 5

  1. So sorry to hear of your friends upsetting news and even harder when we’re so far away. Broome sounds crazily busy. I’m guessing it will be the same when we get there in a few weeks. But one day at a time hey. Enjoy your time there and those golden sunsets. 💙


    1. When are you due to arrive Miriam? It’s the Broome racing cup this Saturday, and there’s usually a mass exodus after that. So the crowds will hopefully have thinned out before you get here. Where are you coming from?

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    1. Three big overflow areas are full to capacity, plus the shire has opened a lot of space in one of the beach car parks where people in self contained vehicles are allowed to stay for free for 3 nights out of 30. Everything in town, accommodation, restaurants, and tours are booked to capacity.


      1. Much busier than usual. With no-one able to go overseas everyone is holidaying in Australia. Plus the west coast is big, so once here, the interstate borders aren’t such a problem. And the weather in Broome is so reliable and the beach so gorgeous that once in WA, it’s an obvious choice for anyone seeking perfect weather.


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