Chasing sun and Wildflowers – day 27

Port Hedland to Newman

We left the caravan park and went in search of the auto electrician. Thank goodness for Sat-Nav the sea mist was thick. We could barely see two metres in front of us, so there is no way we could see any street signs. By 8.30am a new Anderson plug had been fitted and we were on our way. We didn’t fancy the planned alfresco breakfast in the thick, damp, mist, so headed south out of town, leaving the mist behind us. The photo taken below was on the way out of town where the mist was lighter.

It wasn’t long before the flat, barren land close to Port Hedland gave way to the stunning ranges and glorious colours that signified we were nearing our planned destination of Mt Robinson.

We were in Iron Ore country using roads frequented by road trains, and heavy mining transports. Twice we were shunted off to the verge by the support vehicles to make way for gigantic loads.

It was just after midday when Mt Robinson came into sight.

We found a lovely secluded spot and were looking forward to enjoying a few hours exploring and photographing the surrounding countryside. It was hot, so we opened all the windows to keep the van cool, and put the awning out. We don’t usually take the time to put the awning up in overnight spots, but with a long afternoon in front of us, it would be worth while. I cooked Tilly’s dinner, then we sat outside with a glass of iced water, eating our lunch time sandwiches. There were some wild flowers, purple mulla mulla, nearby, so I wandered off with my trusty phone camera, leaving a full glass of water on the little table attached to my chair.

The wind blew up and with it the red dust. It was strong enough to blow my chair over, breaking my water glass as it hit the ground. Tills was looking like, ‘red dog’, as he was hot so chose to lay in the red dirt rather than on his mat. An hour of that breeze and the inside of the van would have had a layer of red dust over everything. Once red dust gets in, there’s no way you can get it out, and nothing will age a van faster. The few hours of peaceful solitude enjoying the Pilbara landscape suddenly lost its appeal! We rolled up the awning, and left Mt Robinson behind, setting off for the overnight caravan spot at the Newman’s visitor’s centre.

Picturesque it isn’t, quiet and peaceful it isn’t. But it’s clean. We paid our ten dollars fee, and set about washing the red dust off Tills. We were next, a shower to get the red dust off ourselves, and over to the pub for a cool drink and their Wednesday night special of steak and chips. Dinner was ok, nothing great, but we didn’t have to cook it, or clean up afterwards. So that was yesterday’s travel. That extra 109 kms will shorten today’s trip considerably, so I’ll have time to give the van a bit of a clean before we leave. It’s starting to feel grungy…..

14 thoughts on “Chasing sun and Wildflowers – day 27

    1. A lot of people made the mad dash this year, getting out of their home states before lock downs. I think they felt a bit safer coming here, but I suspect with Delta that’s it’s only a matter of time till we’re in lock down too. It was really busy this year.

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