Chasing sun and wildflowers – day 26

Broome to Port Hedland

We were hitching up to leave Broome when we noticed that Anderson plug for the caravan stability control was missing, with the casing that holds it battered and bruised. Whoops, the Mr forgot to plug it in after our last overnight stop, and clearly it had dragged along the ground as we travelled along. Oh well, ya get that sort of thing when caravanning. Plans were revised quickly with an 8am appointment at an auto-electrician in Port Hedland the following morning.

it meant a slightly longer travel day than we’d anticipated, and it meant a $55 caravan park fee in Port Hedland as apposed to a free 24 hour roadside stop. We’ve only ever driven through Port Hedland before, so we made plans to get the Anderson plug fixed first thing the following morning, and then we were going to drive into the town for an al fresco breakfast, and a quick squiz at the town before travelling to our next nights destination. We had left Broome at around 8am, and were set up in the caravan park before 4pm.

With the caravan park right next to a beach, and a couple of hours of daylight left we took Tills for a long beach walk.

The Sand Bubbler crabs clearly enjoy the deserted beach. I’ve never seen such extensive patterns before.

Busy little Sand Bubbler Crabs

Then steaks cooked on the communal barbecue with salad for dinner, a look at the news on TV, a few pages of my book and an early night.

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