Too darn hot!

I quite like the heat, but I’m sure it’s hotter up here than it usually is at this time of year. Mr Tilly’s not doing well in the heat. He’s off his food, and is having trouble keeping things down. We took him to the vet a couple of weeks ago. Seemingly nothing to much to worry about, but the vet put him on a bland diet of boiled chicken and rice for a few days to settle his stomach. Paul’s in town as I write this fetching more chicken breasts and rice.

We were due to leave here Wednesday, but have decided bring that forward to head for cooler weather sooner. We’ve spent today packing up, and will leave tomorrow morning. It’ll take a couple of days to get to milder weather, and then a couple more days and we’ll be feeling the cold. Once we hit the cold we’ll be in wild flower country. I expect internet cover will be hit and miss for a few days, but I’ll post details of the journey when I’m able to. So watch this space…..

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