Lag in IPad keyboard

I’ve been having difficulties with my I-pad again. The touch screen types ok for about a sentence, then it starts to lag, a little at first, but after a few sentences it’ll lag behind for a full sentence. Because of the lag all of the automatic punctuation and corrections don’t happen, so typing has become very frustrating, and has required a mountain of corrections.

I phoned Apple. They did a remote diagnostic check and couldn’t find any problems. As the problem mainly occurs when using WordPress they concluded the problem must be with the WordPress site. I typed my next post using Paul’s I-pad without any problems. Clearly the problem is with my I-pad, which is only a few years old but old enough to be out of warranty. I purchased this I-pad, I think, in 2017 to replace my old I-pad that had developed exactly the same problem, a keyboard lag. At that time they put it down to the age of my last I-pad, but with the same thing happening again, I’m not so sure. Perhaps I just wear the keyboard out. Has anyone else experienced similar problems?

Expecting bad news, [you need a new I-Pad], I visited our local Tech gurus. ”Strange” they said on an I-pad. Not that strange I said, explaining it had happened to my last I-pad. It would cost $45 for a diagnostic check, and he advised, if it needs parts, it’s quite likely it’ll cost almost the price of a new I-pad, so a new I-pad was the likely outcome. Mmmmm, what to do! We bandied around a few ideas, the main one being to try a portable keyboard. I tried it briefly in the shop and it seemed to be ok. He suggested I buy one and try it over the week-end. If it didn’t work, he would give me a full refund. The keyboard cost $129, compared to over $1200 for a new I-pad. Definitely worth a shot I thought.

I’ve typed this post as a bit of a test, and so far it works! The small keyboard takes a bit of getting used to, but already [being a touch typist], I’m preferring it to typing on the touch screen of the i-pad. I think I may have had a win with technology this time. What a relief!

8 thoughts on “Lag in IPad keyboard

  1. Apple have wonderful products but they are not made to be easily repaired. They want you to upgrade phones with each new model.
    An external keyboard is a great solution! Is it connected via Bluetooth?


      1. We used to use these keyboards are work all the time. The later models work really well, but sometimes got confused if you moved around the bluetooth tried to connect to other devices. If it only sticks with one, it should work well. Do you have to charge it up?


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