We had planned to leave early this morning with Cervantes as our first stop. However, by 3pm yesterday we were all packed up and were eager to get going. We set off and took an hour and half off todays trip by staying at a free overnight stopping place on the way. Without power it was freezing, but we were still pleased to have shortened today’s travel time.

Setting off before 8am this morning and with only 302 kms to travel today meant we arrived before lunch. We usually travel long days so when we arrive at each day’s destination, there’s usually only daylight hours left for a quick leg stretch, dinner, and a game, before we hit the sack for the night. It was a nice change to have a relax for a bit before making a sandwich for lunch, and then setting off to explore the surrounding area on foot.

Cervantes is a very small Cray-fishing town. Nearby are the famous Pinnacles – a sort of desert with fossilised tree trunks. (don’t quote me on that rough description, I have been there many years ago, but I’m a bit vague as to their origin).

Today’s walk took us down the beach with the big Cray-fisherman’s houses on one side and their cray-fishing boats moored just off shore on the other side.

And just up the beach from the big houses is the surprising Lobster Shack. We were so tempted – but I had roast chicken in the caravan all cooked ready for our dinner.

The place is huge, with just as many tables inside as there are out. Some of the meals looked really enticing, as did their iced coffees….. I resisted (that’s a first). I imagine a lot of tour buses bring their Pinnacle tour patrons here for lunch. I think they’d be impressed.

We’ve been promising ourself shorter, slower days in the caravan for ever. It’s taken us to our last trip to actually do it. It’s rather nice – I wonder why it took us so long!

7 thoughts on “Cervantes

    1. I love fish, but so far haven’t had a lobster to rave about. However, others have always said when eating the same lobsters that they’re not as good as they could be, so I live in hope of discovering what all the fuss is about.

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