Long overdue changes and updates on the way

What’s one to do at 2am when sleep’s being elusive. Last night had me perusing this blog. I know! – not the thing one’s supposed to do when sleep’s being elusive.

I started by reading the ‘about us’ page. Clearly, life has evolved. The page is now so far out of date that it doesn’t fit with where we are in life at all any longer. Sometime in the next week I’ll update that so as it fits.

Next I moved onto the ‘categories’ drop down box in the header. For some reason my side menu bar with the drop down box for ‘categories’ isn’t linking up with the header. As it’s the side menu I use when categorising posts, anyone seeking to view past posts, and using the menu from the header box won’t be finding much of anything. Clearly some administration, and a bit of a tidy up is needed.

I’ve looked at changing the header – but the fix for it is as elusive as was sleep last night. I’ve sent a call for help by way of an email to my ‘guru’ helper (Grandson – Tim). Hopefully, later this week when we take a trip up to Perth I’ll get some much needed help to get the headers, and side bars in sync.

Watch this space – I think a better format will transpire very soon…..

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