An era ends

Just prior to Christmas we sold our rig, ending an era in our lives.

An era ends. We bid farewell to our beloved Travelhome

With the photo of the rig heading my blog since it’s inception, I feel as if I’ve lost my on line identity. However, in retrospect, and despite the intentions of what the blog set out to be, it twisted and turned, as did we, in all manner of directions. In reality both the blog, and Paul and I, had moved a long way from where we were heading in the beginning. Reality check, – perhaps that part of my identity never really eventuated, or existed.

Originally, the blog, was set up to record and represent the life we’d set out to have – the life of Riley on wheels, the wheels being our beloved Travelhome. However, life seemed to take us down an alternate path, and as you’re probably aware, last year we took ownership of a little house in Busselton. Our full time travel ended.

The blog continued throughout the often erratic times that led to the abandonment of the original plan. Whilst it didn’t remain true to it’s intention of recording ‘our life on wheels’, it never-the-less recorded the often erratic and always eclectic, Life of the Rileys, whether on wheels, or not.

Our rig will be replaced. We’ve bought half of it – a Prado, which will now be our only car. The other half of our rig will most definitely be replaced with a much smaller version. With our travel now likely to only be for a few months during the winter, and perhaps an occasional short summer trip, only a small van will be needed. We have our eye on a New Age Manta Ray 16ft, but that’s not yet confirmed. Whatever we end up with needs to be well within the legal weights allowable for a Prado tow.

With the departure of our rig we’ve been in need of a new blog identity. Not wanting to change the web address, we needed something more appropriate for the OW to represent. I searched my brain for something using OW that seemed to represent the eclectic direction our blog posts  have taken. Finally,  ‘On Whatever’ came to mind. However, I’d no sooner thought of it, and it had gone again. I was blank. I told Paul I was searching my brain for something for the OW to represent, and within a second he spat out ‘On Whatever’. So, ‘life of Riley – on whatever’, it is. Now all I have to do is find a photo for the cover page. I have a few in mind. Do any seem to reflect our often erratic, and always eclectic way of life? Or do I need to keep searching, perhaps wait for the new rig to arrive? What do you think?

Taken on our Gibb River trip last year
A rock window at Entrance point, Broome
having fun in the setting sun on Cable Beach
Feeding the birds at Port Stephens
In front of Mitchell Falls
Driving across Drysdale River

Perhaps there’s another photo already posted that you think would be appropriate. Let me know if there’s one stands out to you that I’ve overlooked.

10 thoughts on “An era ends

    1. Yes, we’re looking forward the new vans arrival – still nearly four months away yet. It’s great being on the beach in the semi dark of evening – as you can see, we were being just a bit silly knowing we couldn’t be seen.

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  1. We’ve found the one we want. It’s only 16ft, a New Age Manta Ray. Would have liked to have found a good used one, but they’re few and far between in the West. It’s ordered but won’t be here till around May.


  2. Wow! Love those birds. I may have to unfollow and refollow. For some reason I haven’t been receiving your post via email. Look forward to seeing pics of your new van when you get it.


    1. That was from a couple of years ago. Having sold the rig, and moved to only part time rving, I’m in need of a new cover photo. The blog has changed from reflecting just RV experiences to being about, ‘whatever’ comes to mind. I’ve looked through my past photos for something that reflects that – but don’t think I’ve really found it yet.

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