Where do you keep your friends phone numbers

We’ve just shared a sausage sizzle with friends (Bruce and Wendy) and their four grandchildren who are camping nearby.

During the course of the afternoon Bruce shared the sad news that he has to return to Perth on Friday for a funeral. One of his friends passed away unexpectedly last week. He was only 62.

So – what has that to do with phone numbers….. Well the son of the deceased friend felt he should contact some of his dad’s friends with the sad news. However, all of the friends contact details are stored in his dad’s mobile phone, and he has no idea of the password to gain entry. Luckily the friends son is also face book friends with Bruce and Wendy’s son, and so contact with at least one friend was initiated, and from there further contacts have been found.

Our conversation today included a few, ‘what ifs’. What if we get killed together in an accident – do our families have access to our ‘contacts’. There was a time when we all either had an address book, or a teledex to list our friends and relatives contact details. Now,  if you’re like me, your address book will hold very little information, and your friends and relatives will all be listed in your mobile phone. A secret password will be needed to gain entry.

I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely letting my children know my phone’s password…..

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