Guess who bought an air fryer

Air fryers seem to be the latest ’must have’ appliance, and although I’m not one who likes to have a lot of kitchen gadgets, Ive decided to give one of these a whirl. We don’t have an oven in the caravan, so I’m thinking it’ll be useful when we’re away. After reading the reviews I chose the medium sized K-mart one for $82.

For the first test I tried a roast of pork. 30 minutes at 200°, followed by an hour at 180°. Then I rested the meat in the oven at 150° while i cooked the pumpkin and par-boiled potatoes. Apologies for forgetting to photograph the vegetables. Everything cooked perfectly, and that crackling tasted as good as it looks. I think I’m going to enjoy my air fryer!

13 thoughts on “Guess who bought an air fryer

    1. You realise of course that had I hated it, it would have been your fault! Lol. But thank you, you inspired me, and so far I love it. I’ve cooked roast pork, roast veges, fried chicken, crumbed eggplant, home made chips, and blueberry cup cakes. No disasters, all have been great.


  1. The Moth has been babbling on about an air fryer for some time. I resisted buying one because I didn’t want another gadget sitting on the kitchen bench. A friend cooked us scones, one day in her air fryer and they were fine, but I don’t think I would get the use out of it to warrant a purchase. Mind you the pork looks darn good and it would be perfect for use in the caravan.


    1. Do you follow a blog called itchingforhitching . They recently bought one for their caravan and seem to be using it almost every day. There seems to be a lot of things that can be cooked in one. I was most impressed with the roast pork yesterday. It’s good when the test run goes to plan.

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